Expertly tailored video & sound from one of the smartest media player app in the world. BoomPlayer is used to boost your iPhone/iPod's media abilities, you can also use it to streaming audio and video over the internet.


Play almost any file format movies and streaming directly on iPhone/iPod/iPad. Just transfer the media files to your ios devices by iTunes File Sharing or over Wi-Fi,then it can be played at once. With built-in downloader and FTP/Samba client, Boomplayer can download and upload media semalessly. Boomplayer can also stream media files from most of all UPnP/DLNA media servers to your ios devices.

The BoomPlayer will also play songs from iCloud after they are downloaded to your device. If you have older DRM files please note that Apple doesn't allow any audio processing on these files. The app will still play them.