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Our client is one of the worldÓ³ renowned Voodoo spicialist with expert voodoo tricks and rites developed over years of practice. She was interested in sharing this amazing collection of rites in an interactive format with rich media.


Barbarozza programmed a native iOS application on the iPhone after working with the client to digitize the content. ErzulieÓ³ Voodoo Advanced App offers comprehensive information on Voodoo beliefs, performing your own authentic Voodoo spells, extensive sections on the Divine Voodoo Spirits (Lwa), how they are served in Vodou, and their Catholic Counterparts plus Magical VeveÓ³ (sacred symbols of the Spirits), Spiritual Possession, New Orleans Voodoo, Palo Mayombe, Voodoo dolls, fetishes, Voodoo magic and much more.


The application turned out as a Voodoo lovers best companion with thousands of downloads already recorded within the first weeks.

Barbarozza has delivered fast, high quality builds for us for almost a year now. I continue to be amazed by the excellent work that has come out of their shop Ö the attention to detail, and especially the quick turnaround is just stellar.Senior Project Manager